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Discover How To Prepare & Protect Your Wealth, Freedom & Lifestyle In The Coming World Of Economic Uncertainty

The Westin Dallas Fort Worth Airport | 9:00 am to 5:00 pm October 8th



  • Accelerate your wealth using little-known digital asset classes...
  • Safely secure your assets so you are insulated against catastrophic loss in the Great Reset.
  • Help you navigate the emerging digital economy so you can avoid all the pitfalls, scams and hacks.
  • ​Give you more control over your money, your time and your freedom.

It's time to take action today and put your Economic Prepper Plan into place with Dylan, Jeff & Patrick

1 Piece Of Actionable Info Has The Power To Change Everything For You & Your Family

Let Us Show You Exactly What You'll Be Experiencing At Economic Preppers LIVE!

Phase 1: Why Focus On Digital Transformation

When things go digital they can expand across the globe at near light speed... This brings billions of people together and with those new connections there is amazing opportunity.

You no longer live in a localized analog world. You are connected to everyone and in this phase you will discover why you must focus on digital transformation if you have any hope of thriving in the years to come...
  • Why now are we experiencing the digital transformation of money?
  • What is money and how it's history can help us understand and prepare for the future?
  • If everything you thought you knew about the dollar was wrong, what is the alternative?

Phase 2: What Does Digital Transformation Look Like For You

So now you know digital transformation is here and it's not going away... But what does it look like for you?

With a clear understanding of the problems of the old system and the promises of the new system you'll be able to navigate them and plan for them.
  • What assets will be most impacted by digital transformation? 
  • How can you sort out the signal from all the noise so you can avoid FUD "Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt"?
  • What are the market signals that will indicate opportunity?
  • ​What you can do to protect, secure and grow your wealth during these turbulent economic times?

Phase 3: How You Can Implement Today!

Knowledge alone is not power... Only Knowledge put into action can bring about the change you want in your life. For many content consumers and conference goers their journey stops once the content is listened to and the expert reveals his secrets.... But for the ones that take action, even just one small action they have the power to change their lives and the world!

We have specifically designed this phase to give you the exact tools and resources you'll need to put the tips, tricks and secrets you've learned throughout the day into action!
  • How to start building a "FREEDOM" portfolio so the governments and banks of the world cannot touch your wealth.
  • How to secure your money so it becomes impossible for anyone to take it without your permission.
  • How to keep more of your wealth by knowing how to navigate the tax system.
  • ​and much much more... 


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Experts In Digital Wealth Transformation

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  • ​A pdf copy of Dylan's Book "The Crypto Business Accelerator"
  • ​Access to exclusive private telegram group so you can stay up to date on bitcoin, crypto, silver and more following the event
  • ​Follow up AMA
  • Access to Economic Prepper's Membership site 
  • ​Discounted VIP access to all future Economic Preppers Events...



No one alive has ever seen a world without the US Dollar. That said, since it left the gold standard in 1971, all that is backing the dollar is faith in the Federal Reserve, which is neither federal nor has any reserves. This is the very definition of a fiat currency, which only has backing by faith in the issuing entity, and none of these types of currencies has ever lasted. Learn more about fiat currencies, how long they typically last and why US Dollars, a.k.a. “Federal Reserve Notes” lose buying power at a rapid rate. 


Holding assets that gain in value over time is the best path towards financial freedom. Are stocks and real estate the best path? What are the issues and concerns about each one? Do you have full control over the outcome of these investments? We will cover these questions and more...


Digital Asset Mining (sometimes called Minting) is the process where a global network of devices or computing power work together to ensure that transactions are legitimate and added correctly to the cryptocurrency’s blockchain. This is also how new coins are entered into circulation, and how new blocks are created and validated. Unlike other asset classes where inflation and creation rates are unknown, this is a well-documented process for most projects like Bitcoin, giving educated investors excellent visibility towards the rate of the creation and total supply of crypto assets


If not stocks, bonds and real estate, what else is there? Well, silver and gold have been the best forms of money throughout modern human history, but there are other options as well. Learn why Bitcoin is often called “Digital Gold”, and what other cryptocurrencies offer similar asset protection. 


Get educated as to why securing and storing your own wealth is more than just a mantra. “Being Your Own Bank” and “Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins” are well-known sayings in the world of cryptocurrency, but why? How can you do this safely, securely and with minimal cost?


We all want security and freedom for ourselves and our families, and financial freedom is a key part of it. Learning how the current dollar-based financial system is not a real economy and offers no path towards lasting security or freedom is just the start. Educating yourself about alternative assets as the world heads towards a new economy based on real assets is critical to getting ahead. That all starts here and now with Economic Preppers Live!


Dylan Bradley

Dylan is a 2x #1 Best Selling Author and for over 7 years, he has been educating, entertaining, and helping entrepreneurs, authors, experts, speakers, consultants, and coaches build and grow their businesses.

His origin story includes his time working in the oil fields of West Texas, options trading at the NYMEX, winning an international modeling competition, and building his own marketing and advertising agency. Dylan can share relevant information on how to deal with adversity, capture attention, and build crypto businesses that can grow and scale online.

Dylan went full time into the Bitcoin, Crypto & Blockchain space during the 2020 Pandemic and hasn't looked back!

His unique style inspires, empowers, and entertains audiences while giving them the tools and strategies they need and want to get seen, heard, build, and grow successful sustainable Bitcoin & Crypto businesses.

Jeff Pinnacle

I am Jeff Pinnacle a/k/a Litecoin Leader. My company name is Bitcoin Business Bureau, LLC. a/k/a B3. I am very diversified from Business minded to Cryptocurrency and here is my short bio...

I draw upon my unique background to guide me with cryptocurrency decisions. Having worked for corporate America for 20+ years in numerous capacities with companies of all ages, shapes and sizes, I have learned what to do - and not to do - for success. I am a true entrepreneur with this outlook. 

 I have worked as a real estate investor for several years - right up to the most recent financial collapses and bank bailouts in 2008. At that point, I began looking for the next best paths forward, eventually entering the world of cryptocurrency early in 2016.

Patrick Hakim

I’m here to serve my community to the best of my ability with the time that’s not taken playing with my family! I Started my Crypto Journey in 2015 after a life as a Process Improvement and Portfolio Manager for Large Hospitals, Tech and Aerospace, and small businesses .

 Alongside my wife and 3 kids opening up our first “Zero Cooling” mining facility, I was afforded many opportunities to educate and learn with some of the early pioneers of blockchain. My strength is taking time to listen to a problem and apply a blockchain solution for a value added outcome! 

I’m passionate about my faith and the freedom that comes with it and I look forward to every opportunity to network and engage with my local and Blockchain community.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when is Economic Preppers LIVE?
The event is October 8th at The Westin Dallas Fort Worth Airport, 4545 W. John Carpenter Freeway, Irving, TX 75063
Is there a discounted hotel room block?
There is! Rooms will be available at $129 a night both Friday 10/7 and Saturday 10/8...
What airport is best to fly in to?
The hotel is closer to DFW and there will be shuttles to and from the hotel, but you can always fly into Dallas Love Field and uber or rent a car.
Is there a shuttle to and from the airport?
The hotel will have a shuttle that goes to and from the airport.
Is there a dress code?
Business casual is recommended.
How long is the event?
The event is from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturday October 8th. It is a single day event.
Can tickets be shared with more than one person?
Tickets cannot be shared and are not transferrable.
Will there be internet access at the event?
Yes, there will be wifi provided by the hotel and the password will be shared with you at the event.
Are there sponsorship opportunities for my business?
Yes. If you're interested in sponsorship opportunities, please contact
What is the event schedule going to be?
The event is one day long and will start at 8:00 am CST and end around 4:00 pm CST. The general outline of the event is on the page above and you will get an outline sent out to you in email before the event. 
Will there be a streaming option available?
For this event there will not be a streaming option. But recordings can be purchased after the event.
What COVID protocols or mask policy will be in place?
We will follow the State and hotel guidelines/regulations at the time of the event to ensure safety.
What happens if the event is unable to happen for any reason?
We are committed to delivering an amazing experience for all of our attendees. But if for any reason we are unable to hold the LIVE event, your ticket will be converted to either a Virtual Ticket or be credited towards a rescheduled Economic Preppers LIVE event within the next year.
I have other questions that aren't answered here
Please send an email to with your question(s). 
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